The Person Behind The Billboard- by Alison Porter

Posted by Finally Home Team on Friday, December 7th, 2018 at 11:51am.

Growing up- I was the girl playing road hockey and war, most likely in a skirt with my tights ripped (sorry Mom!) with the guys on our street. Or riding my bike to one of my friends house to play. But I was also the girl loving to be by myself in my room- reading, writing stories and daydreaming.

By Grade 9 I preferred books and horses rather than big groups of people. I talked to everyone, but had a very small circle of those I really called a friend. I took school very seriously (including shooting my now husband the worst looks for goofing off in class) and at first thought I wanted to be a lawyer- but then realized I couldn’t have a big family and do criminal litigation (yes, I was thinking this in Grade 11) without the help of a nanny, which I didn’t want.

I’ve become a person who really enjoys people- but on a small scale. I prefer one on one or small gatherings over big parties. Hosting client events, guest speaking, hosting parties at home- all have me beyond anxious. I worry: if people will actually come, will I have enough food, have I remembered all the dietary needs of everyone coming, will I remember what to say, will they even want to hear what I am saying . . . I’m trying to be more vocal about anxiety, I have realized talking about it not only helps me, but hopefully can help others too. Sometimes my apparent seriousness is just a bad case of nerves for me lol!

The me today is a mom of five kids: Creedyn, Seth, Leah, Becca and our little James. I’ve been married to Ryan for three years and together for eight but we’ve known each other since we were 14. We have a wonderful and crazy blended family and I know I love it! We love living in Thamesford: Ryan has called Thamesford his home for his entire life (except when he was travelling the world) and Thamesford has been mine for 18 years.

I love running and working out- it's the best stress reliever out there. I still love reading (usually 2-4 books a week), The Leafs, and loosely what I call playing golf (fun but I’m not that great at it lol). I will laugh till I cry if I see someone wipe out ( after I make sure they aren’t seriously maimed) and I am guaranteed to try to use a saying and get it wrong every time.

So this is a little about the person behind the billboard- the woman who, like her family, will hug you when you are sad, give you an ear to listen when you need it, but also give you a pep talk when you need it most. Sadly, my face hides nothing so you will know what I am thinking as it crosses my face. I can rock an offer negotiation yet worry that I should have done more for my family, friends and clients.

Next up will be about my family members- I need a whole blog just for that when there’s seven of us. I hope you will enjoy learning about each of our teammates, our communities, about topics we feel passionate about. Thanks for reading!




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