Our crazy, big family- by Alison Porter

Posted by Finally Home Team on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 at 5:14pm.

My family is my everything. As one of my last blogs said- I always wanted a big family and Ryan and I have an amazing big, loving, fun family of seven, now eight. As promised- let me introduce you to my loud and spirited family:

Ryan is my husband, my best friend. He works for the Township of Zorra and a local family run farm. He loves hockey and has played since he could walk. Still plays about 4 times a week for two different teams. He’s a Habs fan (I love him despite his poor choice in a team ;). Ryan “gets me”- which isn’t easy to do. He rolls with my need to pre-plan, sits there while I laugh or cry at a TV show, commercial or movie. He knows that my favorite time to want to talk will be late at night after the house is quiet and my brain is slowing down- and he will sacrifice sleep to listen. Ryan is a keeper for sure! Eight years together and married three!

Creedyn is 16 yrs old and became a permanent part of our family when he was 10 yrs old. He started as our nephew and has become our son. We feel like he has helped to complete our big family. He’s compassionate, kind- always wanting to help others out. He’s a lover of all sports- his favorites are hockey, soccer and track. He’s out Saturday and Sunday mornings helping teach James and his fellow skaters to skate, or in the backyard kicking a ball around with his siblings and cousins. Creedyn plans to become a police officer. Creedyn is a joy to be around and we are the lucky ones that Creedyn is a part of our crazy, big family.

Seth is 14 yrs old and is our walking encyclopedia. Since he was 18 mths old he was taking electronics or anything with moving parts apart to learn how they work. He was reading full novels at the tender age of 7 and is like his momma and still reads multiple books a week. Seth is a proud second year Air Cadet from the 201 Dorchester Squadron. Seth hopes to have his full pilots licence and go on to either the British Air Forces or the Canadian Air Forces flying Hercules sized planes. Seth has the capabilities to be a trama surgeon, pilot, mechanical engineer, a millwright- honestly whatever he puts his heart and soul into doing he will crush it!

Leah is 12 going on 30. She’s ready to take on the world- she has the ability to take it on and will run it like a boss. Leah loves to sing and perform on stage- from spunky musical theatre numbers to rocking out some great vocals- she’s also born to perform. She has the best vocal coach- Karen Calder, and has a great studio- Diamond Dance Centre to help her grow even more as a dancer and singer. She loves to help out- at school with announcements, to helping her step-mom with senior residents at a variety of events. She has a kind soul who wants to be there to help others out. Leah is growing into a beautiful almost teenager and we know she will rock whatever life throws at her. I see a future CEO or dean when I look at my Leah.

Becca is just shy of 11. She may be small at 60 lbs and 47” tall but she is very mighty. I think we all have been given the Becca show of her gymnastics and dance moves- since she can’t help but be moving, flipping and dancing all the time. She loves to work on many dance styles at the same studio as her sister and when she’s able to squeeze it in- does gymnastics at Woodstock Gym Club. Becca also wears her heart on her sleeve- she’s our sensitive soul who will cry with me over a movie or a picture and loves her friends and family deeply. Becca’s place in life will be teaching and helping others- with her own dance studio or gym club if she isn’t busy trying to win a medal at the olympics. Like the rest of our kids- Becca will rock the life she lives.

James- our 5 yr old golden curly haired bundle of energy. He was tough to get into this world but he’s made it so easy to be a part of our family since he’s been born. James is moving till he is sleeping- he’s always breaking out his dance moves while he’s building something new with his lego. James loves Pokemon and trains and will talk to you for hours about Vs Zombies. James has all the older kids friends asking for James to hang out with them so he has even more than 4 siblings looking out for him. It's great to see teenagers still want to play with James and teach him hockey and soccer. Can’t wait to see where life takes James!

Lastly we have Chloe- our newest family member to move into our crazy full house. Chloe is our beautiful and smart 20 yr old niece who is staying with us while she goes to UWO. Chloe has already finished a college degree but wants to expand her knowledge through university. Chloe always has a kind word to say and offers help and a listening ear to all of her cousins. We are very thankful we also have Chloe in our big and crazy full family home.

So now you know a little about my large and spirited family- thanks for reading our very long story :)


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