How pizza and a draft got me into real estate- by Alison Porter

Posted by Finally Home Team on Friday, November 30th, 2018 at 12:00pm.

I know everyone has some funny and interesting stories on how one moment, one person, one comment can completely change what direction your life can take you; well pizza and a draft is what changed mine.

I think anyone who has worked in healthcare can attest- it’s really hard to find full time, regular work when you are a healthcare provider. I had been working as a respiratory therapist for three years and had covered 2 maternity leaves for a home oxygen company but my temporary job was up. I had found out as I was finishing my own maternity leave after having Seth that I didn’t have a job to return to. I’m used to working in all sorts of fields- I have worked at multiple golf courses, restaurants, bars, fast food places and corner stores- usually 2 jobs at a time so I knew that I had to reach out and see what I could find- I wanted to make sure Seth and my family were taken care of. As luck would have it, I walked into Louie’s in Ingersoll and sat down and talked to Chuckie and asked her for a job and they needed a server right away. So from 05’-07’ I loved serving people their food, learning about their families and what they liked to eat and drink. Serving is such a people loving industry and to this day I still miss the customers and the great staff I worked with.

In 06’ I got to know a great real estate agent who would come in for lunch and to chat. Bill was always so friendly, asking about my family and I looked forward to each time I got to serve him. One lunch Bill came in and ordered a pint of Bud and a pizza (don’t ask me why to this day I remember what people like to eat and drink, it just stays in this brain of mine) and said- “ Alison- have you thought about getting into real estate?”. I hadn’t so I asked Bill what it was like. Once Bill had told me more about what his work was like- I was intrigued. Bill helped me by telling me where to look to sign up for courses and to come see his manager, Harold at Century 21 Heritage House when I was close to being done my courses if I chose to give real estate a try. So off I went- I registered, got through my courses, and set up a meeting to talk to Harold about starting my real estate career with Century 21.

So thanks to Bill’s draft and a pizza order- I started my career in real estate in July, 2007 and I have loved my decision since. Thank you Bill for guiding me to a job that I just love and to the many conversations we have had since we started working together.

Don’t worry- I still have so much to tell you about- my very large and crazy family, my love of hockey and so much more. I hope you will continue to read our blogs and learn about who we are and the communities we live in.



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