Beginnings By Alison Porter

Posted by Finally Home Team on Friday, November 23rd, 2018 at 9:39pm.

I come from a very long line of strong willed ancestors- very stubborn, passionate, loyal, dedicated and caring English, Scottish and Welsh lineages. Always willing to set an extra plate or 5 at dinner, help get that new fence in, look after a child or pet in a pinch; but also willing to go toe to toe with that bully to stand up for someone. I’m blessed that my family had very supportive members to help guide them through life and before their time men and women who believed in creating and building. My Grandpa Jim (Clarence Arthur) Robins loved serving on town council and serving as interim Mayor. My Grandma Jessie Robins helped to start the Ingersoll Times and Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre. This love of helping and creating has been passed on to our younger generations.

I was raised outdoors- swimming, climbing and running at the cottage and all over Ingersoll. As one of three daughters- we were all lucky to get to try as many sports and lessons we wanted. For me- the one sport that really took hold was horseback riding. I LIVED to ride! I spent 7 out of 7 days a week in the barn or on the back of a horse- most likely bareback and with just a halter and lead (much to the chagrin of my riding coach). I loved the “horse friends” I made- who I still talk to today. My family supported the love of horses that we all shared so much that we moved to a hobby farm when I was 11. I feel those years working on the farm are what taught me what hard work and sacrifice was all about. I am very thankful for my parents for raising and teaching me as much as they did.

As much as I loved horses I also loved books and learning just as much. I believe Jenny and I had a running competition in Grade 7 and we both read more than 100 books during that school year. That love of reading still continues today- I have the craziest library of over 1500 books- which I love to share with my friends and family. As for learning- I loved it so much that I did 6 years between University of Windsor and UWO, 3 years at Fanshawe College where I became a Respiratory Therapist (worked as an RT till 2013), then on to OREA to become a real estate agent back in 2007 and haven’t looked back since. I’ll tell you about how I got into real estate in my next blog.

So this is a little glimpse into what helped shape me into the me of today. I can’t wait to share so much more- my family, my community . . . there’s so much more to share with you.



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