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I come from a very long line of strong willed ancestors- very stubborn, passionate, loyal, dedicated and caring English, Scottish and Welsh lineages. Always willing to set an extra plate or 5 at dinner, help get that new fence in, look after a child or pet in a pinch; but also willing to go toe to toe with that bully to stand up for someone. I’m blessed that my family had very supportive members to help guide them through life and before their time men and women who believed in creating and building. My Grandpa Jim (Clarence Arthur) Robins loved serving on town council and serving as interim Mayor. My Grandma Jessie Robins helped to start the Ingersoll Times and Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre. This love of helping and creating has been passed on to

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I’m going to use my very first blog post to introduce you to my family. My why. The reason I’ve chosen this career is because it affords me the flexibility to arrange my schedule around being there for them when they need me.

My little family started in Tillsonburg but is now so lucky to call the beautiful city of Stratford home. With it’s great schools, fabulous restaurants, world-class theatre and manicured parks and trails we are beyond blessed to be here.

Now for my MVP’s…

First up, my husband Colin. He’s my rock, my other half and the one who encouraged me to get into real estate in the first place and stood by me through all the good times and more importantly all the challenges. Colin is a probation officer and takes such pride in helping people

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