February 2019

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So getting into real estate was a huge change for me and even though my first few years were awesome I found that I still really needed to change something to help me do a better job with my clients. See- I started my real estate career not believing in myself and believing that I could have real estate be my life long career. So what changed? It was a wonderful colleague of mine who was always a positive person who offered words of encouragement to everyone around her and my Naturopath that both helped me start my journey to believing and knowing it is okay to love yourself- as that helps us to love and support everyone around us including our family, friends and clients.

So what ultimately changed me? Reading the books “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and

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One week ago I returned from an unbelievably perfect vacation with my family. I spent 10 glorious days disconnected (for the most part) from my normal and focused on my husband and my children. We ate all of our meals together, we talked about our favourite parts of each day, we decided as a team what each day would bring.

I had the privilege of being present for every second of each day with them. It’s not always possible to do that with the day-to-day busyness of normal life and it isn’t always possible to escape to a sunshiny southern destination, but this is just a reminder to take time to appreciate the ones you love.

Near or far, where’s your favourite place to spend time?

Here’s a few of my favourite pics from the trip :)



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