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This is a common question that we get asked all the time It’s a tough decision that most home owners will be faced with at some point and there’s really no right or wrong answer.

Thinking of buying first?

Pros: If you decide to buy a house before you sell you’ll benefit from not having the pressure of a looming closing date creeping up translating into a more enjoyable experience searching for your next home.

Cons: If you find the perfect home and buy it before you sell your current home you’ll be faced with more uncertainty of how much your current home will sell for as well as when it will close. If your house fails to sell as quickly as you thought you could end up owning 2 homes which can be pricey - paying double mortgages, taxes and all the

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House hunting can be overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting all at the same time. Let’s make the process easier with these 5 steps.

#1 Get Pre-Approved: Do yourself a huge favour and get yourself pre-approved for a mortgage by a mortgage broker or a bank mortgage specialist- what could be worse than finding, and falling in love with the perfect home just to discover you don’t qualify for the financing. 
#2 Determine your budget: If you don’t already have a budget now’s the time to start! A budget will determine what you can afford per month for your mortgage payments, utilities, and other expenses. 
#3 Make a list of your must-have, needs, and wants: Are you looking for a new home, fixer upper, or maybe something in between? How many bedrooms and

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My intense love for the Christmas season stems from these 2 souls right here. That’s Mom and Dad.

I have the type of Mom who whistles Jingle Bells in July and the type of Dad you may find dancing in the kitchen at any given moment. From the time I can remember Christmas was always a big deal. When I was growing up my home was always open to all of our friends and family and especially those that didn’t have anyone to spend the holidays with. My parents have the kind of hearts that thrive on inclusion and that’s just one of the million reasons I adore them. In my mind there’s absolutely no time better than the holiday season, people just seem genuinely happier! In our home we decorate early, we listen to Christmas music starting in November and we watch

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There is absolutely no question- Christmas is MY favourite time of year. A time when things slow down and we take a break from our hectic schedules to spend time with family and friends.

As a child growing up the excitement started on December 1st when my mom would hang the advent calendar, a wall hanging that she made with a little bear who looks for Christmas, and everyday my sisters and I took turns moving the bear until he finally found Christmas. We always visited Santa to let him know our Christmas wishes and to snap our yearly photo which my mom would add to her collage of Santa pics dating back to when she was a child on Santa’s knee. Then came the time to bundle up and go searching for the perfect tree to cut down and decorate, we always had a

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So getting into real estate was a huge change for me and even though my first few years were awesome I found that I still really needed to change something to help me do a better job with my clients. See- I started my real estate career not believing in myself and believing that I could have real estate be my life long career. So what changed? It was a wonderful colleague of mine who was always a positive person who offered words of encouragement to everyone around her and my Naturopath that both helped me start my journey to believing and knowing it is okay to love yourself- as that helps us to love and support everyone around us including our family, friends and clients.

So what ultimately changed me? Reading the books “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and

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One week ago I returned from an unbelievably perfect vacation with my family. I spent 10 glorious days disconnected (for the most part) from my normal and focused on my husband and my children. We ate all of our meals together, we talked about our favourite parts of each day, we decided as a team what each day would bring.

I had the privilege of being present for every second of each day with them. It’s not always possible to do that with the day-to-day busyness of normal life and it isn’t always possible to escape to a sunshiny southern destination, but this is just a reminder to take time to appreciate the ones you love.

Near or far, where’s your favourite place to spend time?

Here’s a few of my favourite pics from the trip :)



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If you haven’t guessed yet- our family loves hockey and we love our extended hockey families too. I grew up with a Dad who played goalie- which means he would be playing for three or four teams at any given time so they weren’t left short. I found that also meant that I grew up loving the goalies of the NHL teams more than the teams themselves. I grew up with Roy, Belfour, Brodeur, Joseph, Hasek and did I say Brodeur?? Marty still stands out as one of my favorites. We just love that Creedyn chose to be a goalie- even if it means you have to have a little bit of crazy in there to allow someone to fire pucks at you ;) And James has just started skating and trying to shoot the puck.

With having a family of hockey players I thought I would touch on how

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My family is my everything. As one of my last blogs said- I always wanted a big family and Ryan and I have an amazing big, loving, fun family of seven, now eight. As promised- let me introduce you to my loud and spirited family:

Ryan is my husband, my best friend. He works for the Township of Zorra and a local family run farm. He loves hockey and has played since he could walk. Still plays about 4 times a week for two different teams. He’s a Habs fan (I love him despite his poor choice in a team ;). Ryan “gets me”- which isn’t easy to do. He rolls with my need to pre-plan, sits there while I laugh or cry at a TV show, commercial or movie. He knows that my favorite time to want to talk will be late at night after the house is quiet and my brain is

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For us the holiday season starts the first weekend in November. Yes, I realize that’s early, but this is our favourite time of year and we like to soak as much joy out of it as possible! So the first Sunday in November you can find us gathered at my parent’s house for our official kickoff to the season; eating, decorating the trees and watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

We always spend a day baking all sorts of awesome holiday favourites. The kids are in charge of decorating. I’m pretty sure they’re all calorie-free ;)

A few other things we look forward to this time of year…the big Verspeeten family dinner in Delhi preceded by an epic game of mini sticks with the cousins, Chinese food and an evening with my husband’s side of the family, and

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Growing up- I was the girl playing road hockey and war, most likely in a skirt with my tights ripped (sorry Mom!) with the guys on our street. Or riding my bike to one of my friends house to play. But I was also the girl loving to be by myself in my room- reading, writing stories and daydreaming.

By Grade 9 I preferred books and horses rather than big groups of people. I talked to everyone, but had a very small circle of those I really called a friend. I took school very seriously (including shooting my now husband the worst looks for goofing off in class) and at first thought I wanted to be a lawyer- but then realized I couldn’t have a big family and do criminal litigation (yes, I was thinking this in Grade 11) without the help of a nanny, which I

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